Water Leaks

We repair all type leaks including meter to the house, under floors or concrete, in the ceiling area under bathrooms, under sinks and also from drain lines.

We can also provide Electronic Leak Detection service for leaks that require it. Leaks can be a major source of water loss and can also cause damage to building foundations. You can conserve water and prevent possible damage to the building foundation by promptly locating the leak and getting it fixed.

Meter to house water line Leaks

Shut off the main shutoff valve (normally located in front of house garage areas under water hose bib faucet) and read the water meter (normally located in the ground near your driveway). If the meter keeps running (red or blue triangle/hand on meter) it is a good indication of a leak that requires immediate attention.**Do not use water while you are doing this inspection**

Under floor or concrete slab Leaks

When there is no leak from the meter to the house water line, then shut off all the plumbing fixtures inside the house. Make sure that there are no leaks at any of the faucets and toilets. Then check your main water meter. If it keeps running, that’s a sign that there may be leaks either under your house or inside the wall (especially if the walls are wet). **If your home is on a concrete slab then do not use any water while you are waiting**

Electronic Leak Detection

It is a fast and accurate way to determine the location of a leak. Call us first (before you expose the ground) and we will locate the problem areas for you. This will save time and money for you.

Water Leaks in ceiling from upstairs bathroom.

There are usually two kinds of problems with these type leaks:

  1. If water leaks continuously when an upstairs bathroom has not been used, it is most likely a water line problem (Because the water line should always maintain a pressure of around 65 psi). A lot of times these type leaks are caused by rusted galvanized pipes.
  2. If a leak starts after using an upstairs fixture (shower, bath tub, toilet, lavatory sink), it is most likely a problem associated with one of the drain lines, or loose silicon caulking/grout, or a shower and/or bathtub faucet stem leak.

Under the sink Leaks

Most sinks are used heavily everyday, especially the kitchen sink. Please take advantage of our free Visual Inspection Service. This may prevent damages to your sink area which might have gone unnoticed.

Drain line Leak

When you have drain clog problems, call us as it’s the right time to check all your drain line leak problems. Drain Doctor provides a Free under the floor visual leak inspection whenever our customers have drain line problems.