Water Heater Inspection

The Drain Doctor’s highly trained, expert water heater technicians provide thorough, reliable water heater inspection for all gas and electric water heaters.

While a water heater inspection is recommended in order to discern water heater problems, regular water heater inspections may prevent water heater malfunction. At the first sign of any water heater issues, such as, hot water interruption, inadequate hot water, rust-colored water, water which exhibits a sulfur (“rotten egg”) smell, whining, rumbling or popping noises, and water leakage around the base of the water heater, call The Drain Doctor right away. Shut off your water heater. Turn off power to an electric water heater with the shut off button, or by turning off the circuit breaker or fuse. Turn a gas water heater valve to “pilot” setting. Shut off the water supply to the water heater.

The Drain Doctor’s highly-trained water heater technicians will conduct a water heater inspection to determine what actions should be taken to solve your water heater issues. If repair or replacement is necessary, our expert water heater technicians will work one-on-one with you to provide a fast, efficient and affordable solution.

A water heater utilizes a series of components to coordinate water levels, water temperatures and water pressures within a closed system. The backflow preventer serves as one of the check valves responsible for water pressure levels. Problems with a backflow preventer can cause significant damage to a home or business’ water heater plumbing system.

At the first sign of any water heater problem, including: water pressure inconsistency, polluted water, water back up, signs of rot, or other plumbing issue, call us right away. We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to solve all your plumbing needs. Our work is guaranteed by a limited warranty. There is no surcharge for evenings, weekends or holidays. Call us today. We’ll be there in 45 minutes or less.