Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Trenchless sewer line replacement (pipe bursting) is the replacing of a damaged sewer pipe with new pipe, using minimal excavation. Our expert Trenchless Sewer replacement technicians install new pipe while simultaneously breaking up the old pipe with a machine called a bursting head. Two minimal access holes are made at each end of the existing sewer line. A heavy cable is fed through the old sewer line. The cable is attached to a cone-shaped device called a bursting head. The bursting head is securely fastened to a new sewer pipe on the other end.

A powerful winch pulls the cable, causing the bursting head to pierce through the old pipe, easily breaking it up into small pieces, while towing the new, Polyethylene (SDR-17) sewer pipe right in behind it. Pipe bursting can be used to increase the size of the pipe being replaced, resulting in a smooth lateral.
The Trenchless Sewer method removes post-job issues related to trench digging, such as landscape damage and cracked pavement. In both residential and commercial areas, the Trenchless Sewer method offers the advantages of reduced interference with foot traffic, reduced parking interference, little or no traffic disruption, reduced noise and dust, and no risk of severing electric, telephone, cable, gas or water lines.

Our highly skilled, expert Trenchless Sewer replacement technicians will provide Trenchless Sewer inspection, Trenchless Sewer installation, Trenchless Sewer repair, and all other Trenchless Sewer services, as well as, all other sewer services and sewer and septic repair.

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