Trenchless Sewer Repair

A Trenchless Sewer is a sub-surface sewer system, which requires minimal trench digging and continuous trenches. Because installation, replacement and rehabilitation of existing underground sewage infrastructure results in minimal disruption to surface traffic, business, and other public and private activity, Trenchless Sewer systems are preferred sewer systems. Additionally, homes and businesses typically have landscaping, walkways, driveways, parking lots, patios or other structures surrounding the property. Trenchless sewer system repair is unobtrusive to these structures.

Obstructions in Trenchless Sewer lines are typically caused by tree roots or debris. Trenchless Sewer repair may be necessary to clear tree roots or other debris. Before we begin repair of your Trenchless Sewer, we conduct a camera inspection. A camera inspection is a state-of-the-art inspection method, which helps determine the cause of the sewer interruption. While a broken or ruptured Trenchless Sewer line may require replacement, relining may be necessary to repair a faulty pipe. Relining utilizes a special type of lining, which is placed inside the broken sewer pipe, sealing the damaged area. Relining can begin from one entry point, and continue through an entire pipeline.

Access to the Trenchless Sewer system is gained by drilling small access holes in the sewer line. We utilize a cleaning process to remove debris before the repair. A hydro-jet allows our expert Trenchless Sewer technicians to thoroughly clean the area to be repaired. A special lining, composed of a mixture of resin and other materials, is applied. Utilizing air pressure, our technicians place the cured sewer pipe into the ruptured area, creating a strong, seamless repair.

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