Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Trenchless Technology is ideal for bursting old clay, cast iron or other aging drain and sewer line system pipes. Additionally, the Trenchless Sewer replacement process usually costs less than open trench sewer line replacement and is a great way to save your landscaping from damage.

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Open trench sewer line replacement

The most common way to repair and replace sewer line laterals is still by digging up and replacing the old pipe. In fact, estimates show that 95 percent of lateral repairs are completed with the most expensive method which is conventional trench and replace.

Pipe Bursting or Trenchless sewer line replacement

This lateral repair technique requires one pit at each end of the section of pipe. The burst head is pulled by a winch through the old pipe and is followed by a new polyethylene pipe (SDR-17). As the burst head is pulled through, the old pipe is burst aside into the surrounding soil, and the new pipe replaces it. Pipe bursting can be used to increase the size of the pipe being replaced. It results in a smooth lateral. The two access pits must be backfilled.

In general, the trenchless method is found to be most cost effective when the existing piping is deep in the ground and in areas where conventional excavation results in high restoration costs. Also this usually eliminates any post-job complaints related to digging (grass turned yellow, cracked balcony, damaged flowers, etc). In commercial areas there is the advantage of no interference with foot traffic, no parking spaces lost, little or no traffic disruption with little or no traffic control required, reduced noise and dust, and no risk of severing electric, telephone, cable, gas or water lines.