Sewer Cleaning

We understand the importance of safe sewage extraction. That’s why our licensed, professionally-trained Sewer technicians provide the most comprehensive sewer cleaning services.

Sewage is wastewater, which is intended to be removed, via sewer line, from a community to a sewage treatment plant. Sewage often contains chemical compounds, bacteriological material and loose debris. It is of utmost importance that sewer cleaning be handled by a certified sewer cleaning company. The Drain Doctor has been cleaning sewers since 1996. Don’t compromise the safety of your family, neighborhood or community. Call The Drain Doctor for dependable, reputable and reliable sewer cleaning services.

Sewage includes sanitary sewage, commercial sewage, industrial sewage, agricultural sewage and surface runoff sewage. Sewage from your home or business carries body wastes, washing water, food waste, laundry waste, and other waste products, from your household, to a sewer treatment plant. This type of waste is typically referred to as domestic or sanitary sewage. Water-based waste from stores and other businesses, which serve the immediate community, is called commercial waste.

Because most sewage carries pathogenic organisms that can transmit disease to people and animals, it is important to take special care when conducting sewer cleaning. We perform reliable sewer cleaning to residences and businesses. Additionally, we remain up to date on all applicable local, state and federal sewer cleaning and disposal laws. Our licensed sewer cleaning technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with no surcharge for holidays, evenings or weekends, for your emergency plumbing needs. Our work comes with a limited warranty. Call us today. We’ll be there in 45 minutes or less.