Electric Services

We provide repair or new installation service of Electrical lines for all plumbing fixtures because we are licensed C-10 Electric Contractor. We also provide rewiring service for the entire house.

Many old houses have both galvanized water line pipes and aluminum electrical wiring. It is a good idea to do a combination of both jobs at the same time when we open the walls for either Rewiring or Repiping.
*** Ask us about our special combo package deal for copper water line Repiping and Electric Rewiring service***


Free Home Safety Checks

Upon completion of each job, our Electrician will perform a FREE Home Safety Check to check receptacles and for proper G.F.C.I protection in areas where it is required. Additionally, they can check the Breaker box and tighten connections. Wiring hazards, hanging fixtures, or anything else the electrician finds that might be hazardous to you or your family will be brought to your attention.