San Jose Sewer Services

The Drain Doctor provides sewer services in the San Jose area. Sewage, or wastewater, is water-carried waste, in solution or suspension, which is intended to be removed from a community. Sewage often contains chemical compounds, bacteriological material and loose debris. Sewage includes sanitary sewage, commercial sewage, industrial sewage, agricultural sewage and surface runoff sewage. The wastewater sewage from your San Jose home or business may carry body wastes, washing water, food waste, laundry waste, and other waste products from your household. Wastes. which are the result of industrial processes, production or manufacturing of goods, are classed as industrial wastewater.

The Drain Doctor provides complete residential, commercial and industrial sewage services. Because wastewater content can contain sewer pathogens and other caustic contents, the Drain Doctor’s certified sewage professionals will handle all your pipe, drain and sewage needs in compliance with city, county and state codes.

We use Trenchless Technology, an ideal method for bursting old clay, cast iron or other aging drain and sewer line system pipes. At the first sign of a plumbing problem, such as a problem with your water heater, water pressure inconsistency, polluted water, water leak, water back up, signs of rot, or other plumbing issue, call us right away The Drain Doctor will solve all your plumbing issues. We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to solve all your San Jose plumbing needs.