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Gas Line Repair

We provide residential and commercial gas line repair services.

Gas lines carry natural gas to your home or business. Owners of residential properties and business owners are responsible for maintaining all gas lines on their side of the gas meter. These gas lines include all gas lines from your gas meter to the property’s appliances, from the curbside gas meter to the home, and from an underground gas meter to a building, pool, spa, barbecue or other outdoor appliance.

Failure to have regular maintenance of your gas lines could result in corrosion, leakage, blockage, and other conditions, which cause gas line malfunction. It is important that, at the first sign of a natural gas line problem, you contact a contractor that is licensed to handle gas lines. Our licensed, certified gas line technicians will come inspect your gas lines in and around your home or business. If an issue is discovered, such as corrosion of metal gas pipes, gas leaks, and any other unsafe conditions, we will repair the issue quickly, safely and reliably. Our expert technicians will inspect, service, repair and replace gas lines in and around your home, or underground.

Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous. Natural gas leaks are difficult to detect. Breathing natural gas can cause illness or even death. Gas leaks can result in dangerous occurrences, such as fire or explosion. Common gas line issues include: leaking gas from damaged or corroded gas line, blocked gas line, or a damaged gas line.

If you suspect a gas line problem, do NOT light a flame, attempt to control or repair a damaged gas line or meter, activate or deactivate an electrical device, cellular phone or start gas powered equipment, or any other device which could ignite a spark. If you suspect a natural gas leak indoors, evacuate the property. If the gas line is outdoors, evacuate the suspected area.

Don’t take any chances, and don’t try to diagnose a gas line problem. At the first sign of any gas line issue, call The Drain Doctor. Our specially-trained, licensed gas line technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with no surcharge for evenings, weekends or holidays. Our work is covered by a limited warranty. Call us today. We’ll be there in 45 minutes or less.