Gas Line Installation

We are a licensed gas line installer for residential and commercial properties. Our highly-skilled, expertly trained, gas line installation technicians provide gas line installation in and around your home or business. If a problem with your gas lines is discovered, such as corrosion of metal gas pipes, gas leaks, or other unsafe conditions, we will provide natural gas line installation quickly, safely and reliably.

Our expert gas line installation technicians inspect, service, repair and replace gas lines in and around your home or business and underground, including all gas lines from your gas meter to the property’s appliances, from the curbside gas meter to the home, and from an underground gas meter to a building, pool, spa, barbecue or other outdoor appliance.

Natural gas leaks can be difficult to detect. If a gas leak is suspected, do not attempt to correct any gas line problem yourself. Our highly-skilled, licensed technicians are trained in gas line inspection, gas line repair and gas line installation. We will quickly diagnose your gas line problem and devise a comprehensive solution.

We highly suggest that you receive regular gas line inspections. Corroded, broken, blocked, or otherwise faulty gas lines can have serious results, including illness from inhalation, combustion and explosion. At the first sign of a gas pipeline problem, call the Drain Doctor right away.

Gas line leak detection can be difficult. Some indications that you have a gas leak are: natural gas smell (though natural gas leaks may be difficult to detect in this manner), dust, dirt, debris or water blowing into the air, drying or dying grass or other vegetation (yellowing) directly over or near gas pipeline areas, any fire or explosion near a natural gas line, any exposure of a gas line after any natural disaster, such as an earthquake, fire or flood, any unusual sounds, such as hissing, whistling or rumbling, near any gas line or appliance, detection of anomalies in your gas meter readings to appliances, outside gas meter, and underground (pool/spa) gas meter.

Call us for all gas line installation needs. Our dependable gas line technicians will work quickly and thoroughly to resolve your gas line issues. We’re available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, with no additional surcharge for evenings or weekends. Our work comes with a limited warranty. Call us today. We’ll be there in 45 minutes or less.