Gas Line

Gas line inspection, repair and replacement can be vital. It is highly suggested, that, at the first sign of a gas line issue, you call the Drain Doctor immediately. Natural gas leaks can be very difficult to detect. The smell of natural gas is often masked by other smells. Natural gas inhalation can be highly dangerous, or even fatal. Do not attempt to correct the problem yourself. Our highly-skilled, licensed technicians are trained to identify, diagnose and repair gas line problems quickly and affordably.

When to suspect a gas leak:

• Natural gas smell (remember natural gas leaks may be difficult to detect in this manner)
• Detection of dust, dirt, debris or water blowing into the air
• Drying or dying grass or other vegetation (yellowing) directly over or near gas pipeline areas.
• Any fire or explosion near a pipeline
• The exposure of a gas line after any natural disaster, such as an earthquake, fire or flood
• Any unusual sounds, such as hissing, whistling or rumbling, near any gas line or appliance.
• Detection of anomalies in your gas meter readings to appliances, outside gas meter, and underground (pool/spa) gas meter

Gas line problems have several causes, including ruptured gas lines and damaged connections to gas appliances. Never ignore suspected issues with your gas line. It is highly advised that you have periodic gas line inspections to identify conditions such as corrosion, leaks, impediments or impairment. The Drain Doctor’s licensed, expert gas line technicians will quickly and thoroughly identify and diagnose any gas line issue. An efficient, affordable solution will be devised to solve your gas line issue quickly and completely. At the very first sign of a gas line issue, do not hesitate. Call the Drain Doctor immediately. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve any gas line or plumbing need. Call us today: (888) 554-LEAK